ABC Program

Caring for your pool without chlorine has never been easier. In fact, with BioGuard's SoftSwim program, you can have a complete non-chlorine sanitizing system in just three products. What's more, it's gentle on your skin and hair, and thats good news for the whole family.


All SoftSwim products are liquid for effortless application, and do not require mixing or pre-dissolving.

Prevent algae with SoftSwim A

  • Patented algae preventative
  • Highly effective algicide prevents algae growth
  • Will not evaporate in direct sunlight
  • Special formula most active in high temperatures
  • Regular use supports effectiveness of other SoftSwim products
Sanitize water with SoftSwim B
  • Long-acting sanitizer kills and controls bacteria
  • Stops spread of disease via pool water
  • Active ingredient: biguanide [so gentle it's used in contact lens care]
  • UV will not decrease effectiveness, and no stabilizer is needed
  • Weekly application timeline
Keep water sparkling clear with SoftSwim C
  • Highly effective, dual action clarifier and oxidizer
  • Patented combination formula gives pool sparkling clear water and keeps chemicals in pool water longer
  • Clears water by eliminating body oils, perspiration, and other unwanted contaminants
  • Formulated to last 30% longer in water
SoftSwim is the ideal program for residential pools that meets the following qualifiers:
  • No more than 25,000 gallons
  • Proper flow through a sand filter
  • Pump circulation at least 12 hours per day
  • Any surface type [especially great for vinyl-lined pools]



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