Spa Guard



SpaGuard offers a full line of sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers and accessories all formulated for maximum performance and value.


As a family of quality products, the products work superbly on their own or in spas which use pre-installed devices such as ozonators.


Bromine Program


Choose the SpaGuard Bromine Program for your indoors or covered spa and/or hot tub. A bromine product is also more effective against algae. SpaGuard Bromine Kits have everything you need to start and maintain your spa or hot tub in one convenient box.


Chlorine Program


Chlorine is often used in outdoor spas where the UV rays of the sun can destroy the sanitizer residual. This easy chlorine system also oxidizes, meaning it eliminates undesirable compounds such as oils, cosmetics, perspiration, etc. from the water. SpaGuard Chlorine Kits contain all the products needed to start and maintain your chlorinated spa or hot tub.


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