3-Step Program

Pool care should be as easy as possible. With BioGuard?s 3-Step pool care Program it is.


This convenient system helps you keep your pool sparkling clear with no hassles. What?s more, it only requires minutes per week to apply. That leaves hours free for the real reason you got your pool: FUN.


STEP 1: Keep pool water sanitized with BioGuard Silk Sticks or Silk Smart Sticks

  • Stabilized chlorinating formula prevents chlorine residuals from being affected by UV rays
  • Dispensable in skimmer or chlorinator
  • Kills bacteria

STEP 2: Restore water sparkle with Burn Out 35, Burn Out Extreme or Smart Shock

  • Superchlorinating formula oxidizes undesirable compounds that cause eye and skin irritation and dull water
  • Prevent problems from compounds including perspiration, urine, suntan oil and cosmetics
  • Keeps pool water brilliant and clear

STEP 3: Keep algae out with BioGuard Back Up

  • Long-lasting formula works even harder when water temperatures rise in mid-summer
  • Won't evaporate or stain pool surfaces
  • No need to mix or pre-dissolve

Optimize The Program!

Enhance our 3-Step Program with Optimizer? Plus?! Optimizer Plus suppresses algae, makes pH control easier, and softens pool water. You'll love your pool?s NEW diamond-like sparkle and "soft" feel!


BioGuard's 3-Step Program is ideal for pools of any size or surface that meets the following qualifiers:

  • Proper water flow through skimmers [or chlorinator]
  • Pump circulation 12 or more hours per day
  • Consistently heavy pool usage


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