Water Analysis

Water Analysis


Our BioGuard-certified personnel at Henry Bona Pools & Spas are experts in water chemistry. We will analyze your pool/spa water while you wait using our state-of-the-art Alex Smart Lab System. We will then discuss with you the computerized print-out detailing the steps and chemicals needed to balance your water. Proper water balance is essential for equipment longevity, chemical efficacy, and bather comfort.
Let our Certified Water Care Analysis Experts diagnose your pool or spa water quality and get it into optimum shape.  Bring a pint of your pool or spa water to our Water Evaluation Counter in our store at Bona Pools for a free professional computerized analysis.  We will guide you, step by step, on how to balance your pool or spa so that you are enjoying your experience rather than constantly working on it!

Water balancing is important to …

  • Prevent disease
  • Protect equipment
  • Provide a luxuriating experience

Sanitizers work best in water that is properly balanced, which then makes it more comfortable for swimmers.  It will reduce unpleasant odors, burning eyes and itchy skin.

Balancing water prevents equipment corrosion and/or scale build up.  Water that is not properly balanced can become cloudy and unappealing to swimmers.

Did you know that low pH and Alkalinity makes a pool looks crystal clear?  But, did you know that it causes irritation to your skin and eyes.  If you have a heater, in a matter of weeks, if the water is left unbalanced, it can destroy it by corroding the copper and dissolving it into your pool water.

Let us take that worry out of your hands and assist you with chemicals are needed to keep your water in check!